Shockwave 1 Aerosol combines two residual insecticides, two synergists (for a powerful synergy), and an IGR (insect growth regulator) for a total aerosol. Shockwave 1 combines flushing action (flushes them out of hiding areas and kills on contact) with a residual action (long-term action) and an IGR to cut growth cycles.

It kills or controls such crawling insects as centipedes, crickets, scorpions, spiders, earwigs, boxelder bugs, silverfish, springtails, moths, Indian Meal Moths, Angoumois Grain Moths, carpet beetles, confused flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, granary weevils, rice weevils, red flour beetles, grain mites, booklice, millipedes, sowbugs, pillbugs, clover mites, foul mites, and bird mites.

Spray Shockwave1 Aerosol as a space spray against such flying insects as black flies, house flies, stable flies, horse flies, fungus gnats and moths. See label for complete instructions.

To control carpet beetles and fleas, apply Shockwave 1 to cracks and crevices and spot treatments to appropriate areas (see label). Shockwave 1 Flushing Killing and Residual Aerosol with its pyrethrin serves as a flushing agent to flush out insects of their hiding areas, working like other flushing aerosols such as PT 565 or CB 80.


  • Quick flush, quick kill and residual
  • Dual killing agents (pyrethrum and bifenthrin)
  • Dual synergized (piperonyl butoxide (PBO) and MGK 264
  • Contains NyGuard IGR
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • For use in food areas of food handling establishments and facilities
  • Will not drip or leak when turned upside down when spraying hard-to-reach areas.
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Shockwave 1