FenvaStar EcoCap

FenvaStar EcoCap has the same active ingredient Esfenvalerate as Conquer, but is encapsulated having a residue of 2-3 months. The quick knockdown and long term residual work well on various surfaces even after rain and sun exposure making it a number one all around pest control product.

With a very low odor, it has a very good knockdown for bedbugs, carpenter bees, fleas, mosquitoes, roaches, flies, stinging insects and more. FenvaStar EcoCap won't clog your sprayer.

FenvaStar EcoCap - Approved in New York

FenvaStar EcoCap is approved for use in New York and and may be used for indoor food and non-food areas, including broadcast spray, livestock and poultry premises and outdoor structural and turf uses.


Compare FenvaStar ECO CAP to Onslaught Insecticide and Conquer

All have the same active ingredient, Esfenvalerate

Product Size % Esfenvalerate Yield Residual

FenvaStar ECO CAP

  • Encapsulated
  • Very Low Odor

8 oz

128 oz

3.5 %

8 oz yields 4-8 gallons 
finished product

1 gallon yields 64-128 gallons
finished product

2-3 months

Conquer Insecticide

  • Not encapsulated
  • Low Odor
16 oz 3.5 % 8 gallons 
finished product
3-4 weeks

Onslaught Insecticide

  • Encapsulated
  • High Odor
16 oz. 6.40 % 16-32 gallons 
finished product
2-3 months

FenvaStar EcoCap 8FL.