D-Fense Dust

D-Fense Dust is a new Deltamethrin Dust. Both D-Fense Dust and Delta Dust have 0.05% Deltamethrin as the active ingredient and the dusting formulations are waterproof and won't clump. D-Fense Dust is a ready to use insecticide dust which gives an effective knockdown and residual control of up to 8 months if undisturbed. D-Fense Dust targets many insects such as ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, ticks, termites, and numerous stored product pests. Defense Dust will not clump or absorb moisture as some dusts and is non-staining and odorless.

  • 1 lb of D-Fense Dust treats approx. 1000sq/ft.
  • D-Fense Dust may be applied using a hand duster or electric dusters.

D-Fense Dust - Special Features

  • This dusting formulation won't clog, clump or absorb moisture.
  • D-Fense Dust is a completely waterproof insecticide dust. 
    It works in the kinds of wet or damp locations many insects prefer: around sewer manholes and drains, in cracks and crevices, around damp lumber and in damp crawl spaces.
  • D-Fense Dust is a non-staining, virtually odor-free white powder.
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Packaging 1 lb
Manufacturer Control Solutions
Product Label D Fense Dust Label
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Target Pest

Provides quick control of ants, Bees, Carpenter Ants,Carpenter bees, Bed Bugs,boxelder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, silverfish, scorpions, spiders,firebrats, sow bugs, millipedes, bedbugs, ticks, wasps, termites, and numerous stored product pests.
Has a very broad label for ornamental plant pests

Active Ingredient (s) 0.05% Deltamethrin
For Use :

D-Fense Dust applications are permitted in both food/feed and non-food areas of food/feed handling establishments as a general surface, spot, or crack and crevice treatment

Permitted areas of use include but are not limited to: Aircraft, animal quarters/ kennels, apartment buildings, bakeries, breweries, buses, canneries, cafeterias, dairies, food/feed manufacturing, processing and service establishments, greenhouses (non-commercial), grocery stores and supermarkets, industrial buildings and installations, laboratories, mausoleums, meat slaughtering and packing plants, recreational vehicles, nursing homes/day care centers, rail cars, restaurants, schools, sewers and underground tunnels, stores and institutions, supermarkets, telecommunication conduits, theatres, trucks/trailers, utility vaults and conduits, vessels, warehouses and zoos.

D-Fense Dust may also be used as a void treatment.

Yield 1 lb. D-Fense dust treats approx. 1000sq/ft.
Mixture|Application To apply D-Fense directly into cracks and crevices, use a bulbous duster or suitable equipment.
Application No
Retreatment It has a residual of up to 8 months when left undisturbed.
Shipping Restrictions AK
More Instructions

To apply D-Fense directly into cracks and crevices, use a bulbous duster or suitable equipment. Apply lightly and uniformly to infested area. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices; service ducts; false floors and ceilings; wall voids; around electrical and telephone fittings and equipment; around water and sewer pipes; under and behind cabinets, refrigerators and sinks; around windows and doorframes; along baseboards; in attics and crawl spaces

May be applied using a hand duster or electric dusters. Nests in wall voids can be located by listening with your ear against the wall. Drill a hole in the area, blow dust in and reseal. 
For ground wasps, dust entrance and surrounding areas. For best results check nests carefully one or two days after treatment to ensure complete kill, then remove and destroy nest to prevent emergence of newly-hatched insects. If removal is not feasible, retreat the nest, if necessary. Do not use this product to treat overhead nests.

D-Fence Dust