PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Aerosol previously known as Alpine Flea Insecticide Aerosol with IGR is the newest flea control from the Alpine line of products.

With quicker knockdown, longer-lasting control, and better affordability than competitive products, PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide is the future of practical, reliable flea control. Now, the label also allows for use on bed bugs and ticks. This advanced pressurized formulation won’t soak carpets, reduces treatment time and labor (application can take just 15 minutes), and minimizes homeowner re-entry time.

General Information

Active Ingredient: 0.25% Dinotefuran; 0.05% Prallethrin; 0.1% Pyriproxyfen
Packaged 20 oz.
Prallethrin for quick knockdown.
Long-lasting IGR pyriproxyfen kills hatching eggs for up to seven months.
Reduced Risk* active ingredient dinotefuran kills adult fleas for up to 30 days.
Treats 2,625 square feet

*Dinotefuran, the active ingredient in Alpine insecticides, has been granted Reduced Risk status for public health use by the EPA.

Sizes Available: 20 oz cans

Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Insecticide

  • Safety Data Sheet PT B ALPINE FLEA INSECTICIDE WITH IGR Revision date : 2011/03/25 Page: 1/8 Version: 2.0 (30545983/SDS_CPA_US/EN) 1.Product andCompany Identification Use: cropprotection product,insecticide Company 24HourEmergencyResponse Information BASFCORPORATION 100 Campus Drive Florham Park,NJ07932,USA CHEMTREC: 1-800-424-9300 BASFHOTLINE: 1-800-832-HELP Registrant: W hitmire Micro-Gen ResearchLaboratories,Inc. 3568 Tree Court IndustrialBlvd. St.Louis,MO 63122 Substance number: 000000463659 Synonyms: Pyriproxyfen +Prallethrin +Dinotefuran 2.HazardsIdentification Emergency overview CAUTION: KEEP OUTOFREACH OFCHILDREN. Contains petroleum distillates. Avoid contact withthe skin,eyes and clothing. W ashthoroughlyafterhandling. Aerosolcontainercontains flammable gas underpressure. See Product Labelforadditionalprecautionarystatements. State ofmatter: liquid Colour: whitish Odour: solvent-like Potentialhealth effects Primary routesof exposure: Routes ofentryforsolids and liquids include eye and skin contact,ingestion and inhalation. Routes ofentryfor gases include inhalation and eye contact.Skin contact maybe a route ofentryforliquified gases. Acute toxicity: Relativelynontoxicaftershort-term skin contact.Moderatelytoxicaftersingle ingestion.Moderatelytoxicafter short-term inhalation. Irritation/corrosion: Safety Data Sheet PT B ALPINE FLEA INSECTICIDE WITH IGR Revision date : 2011/03/25 Page: 2/8 Version: 2.0 (30545983/SDS_CPA_US/EN) Maycause slight irritation to the skin.Maycause moderate but temporaryirritation to the eyes. Sensitization: Skin sensitizing effects were not observed in animalstudies. 3.Composition/InformationonIngredients CAS Number Content (W/W) Chemicalname 165252-70-0 0.25 % Dinotefuran 95737-68-1 0.1 % Pyriproxyfen 23031-36-9 0.05 % Prallethrin 64742-47-8 5,000 mg/kg No mortalitywas observed. Inhalation: Type ofvalue: LC50 Species: rat (male/female) Value: >2.08 mg/l Exposure time: 4h No mortalitywas observed. Dermal: Type ofvalue: LD50 Species: rat (male/female) Value: >5,000 mg/kg No mortalitywas observed. Irritation/corrosion Skin: Species: rabbit Result: moderatelyirritating Eye: Species: rabbit Result: Slightlyirritating. Safety Data Sheet PT B ALPINE FLEA INSECTICIDE WITH IGR Revision date : 2011/03/25 Page: 6/8 Version: 2.0 (30545983/SDS_CPA_US/EN) Sensitization: Buehlertest Species: guinea pig Result: Skin sensitizing effects were not observed in animalstudies. Repeateddose toxicity Information on: Prallethrin Assessment of repeated dose toxicity: May affect the central nervous system as indicated in animal studies. ---------------------------------- Genetictoxicity Information on: Pyriproxyfen No mutagenic effects reported. Information on: Prallethrin Results from a number of mutagenicity studies with microorganisms, mammalian cell culture and mammals are available. Taking into account all of the information, there is no indication that the substance is mutagenic. ---------------------------------- Carcinogenicity Information on: Pyriproxyfen In long-term studies in rats and mice in which the substance was given by feed, a carcinogenic effect was not observed. Information on: Dinotefuran No data available concerning carcinogenic effects. Information on: Prallethrin Not carcinogenic. ---------------------------------- Reproductive toxicity Information on: Pyriproxyfen No reproductive toxic effects reported. Information on: Dinotefuran No data available concerning reproduction toxicity. Information on: Prallethrin Animal studies gave no indication of a developmental toxic effect at doses that were not toxic to the parental animals. ---------------------------------- Development: Information on: Pyriproxyfen No indications of a developmental toxic / teratogenic effect were seen in animal studies. Information on: Dinotefuran No data available concerning teratogenic effects. Information on: Prallethrin No indications of a developmental toxic / teratogenic effect were seen in animal studies. ---------------------------------- 12.EcologicalInformation Fish Information on: Pyriproxyfen Acute: Flow through. Oncorhynchus mykiss/LC50(96h): >0.325mg/l Safety Data Sheet PT B ALPINE FLEA INSECTICIDE WITH IGR Revision date : 2011/03/25 Page: 7/8 Version: 2.0 (30545983/SDS_CPA_US/EN) Information on: Prallethrin Acute: Oncorhynchus mykiss/LC50(96h): 0.012mg/l Information on: Dinotefuran Acute: Oncorhynchus mykiss/LC50(96h): =>100ppm ---------------------------------- Aquaticinvertebrates Information on: Pyriproxyfen Acute: Flow through. Daphnia magna/LC50(48h): 0.4mg/l Information on: Prallethrin Acute: daphnia/EC50(48h): 0.0062mg/l Information on: Dinotefuran Acute: Daphnia magna/EC50(48h): >1000ppm ---------------------------------- Aquaticplants Information on: Pyriproxyfen Toxicity to aquatic plants: OECD Guideline 201green algae/EC50: 0.064mg/l Information on: Dinotefuran Toxicity to aquatic plants: green algae/EC50(72h): >100mg/l swollen duckweed/EC50: >110ppm ---------------------------------- 13.Disposalconsiderations Waste disposalof substance: Pesticide wastes are regulated.Improperdisposalofexcess pesticide,spraymixorrinsate is a violation of federallaw.Ifpesticide wastes cannot be disposed ofaccording to labelinstructions,contact the State Pesticide orEnvironmentalControlAgencyorthe Hazardous W aste representative at the nearest EPA RegionalOffice for guidance. Containerdisposal: Do not cut,puncture,crush,orincinerate emptyaerosolcontainers.Consult state orlocaldisposalauthorities forapproved alternative procedures suchas containerrecycling.Emptyaerosolcans maymeet the definition of RCRA D003.Consult localand/orregionalEPA forfurtherguidance. 14.Transport Information Reference BillofLading 15.Regulatory Information Safety Data Sheet PT B ALPINE FLEA INSECTICIDE WITH IGR Revision date : 2011/03/25 Page: 8/8 Version: 2.0 (30545983/SDS_CPA_US/EN) FederalRegulations Registrationstatus: Chemical TSCA,US blocked / not listed CropProtection TSCA,US released / exempt OSHA hazardcategory: Chronictarget organ effects reported;ACGIH TLV established EPCRA 311/312(Hazardcategories): Acute;Chronic State regulations State RTK CAS Number Chemicalname MA,NJ,PA 64742-47-8 Distillates (petroleum),hydrotreated light 16.OtherInformation Refertoproduct labelforEPA registrationnumber. Recommended use: insecticide W e support worldwide Responsible CareÆ initiatives.W e value the healthand safetyofouremployees, customers,suppliers and neighbors,and the protection ofthe environment.Ourcommitment to Responsible Care is integralto conducting ourbusiness and operating ourfacilities in a safe and environmentallyresponsible fashion,supporting ourcustomers and suppliers in ensuring the safe and environmentallysound handling ofour products,and minimizing the impact ofouroperations on societyand the environment during production, storage,transport,use and disposalofourproducts. MSDS Preparedby: BASFNA Product Regulations msds@ MSDS Prepared on: 2011/03/25 IMPORTANT: W HILE THE DESCRIPTIONS,DESIGNS,DATA AND INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN ARE PRESENTED IN GOOD FAITH AND BELIEVED TO BE ACCURATE ,ITIS PROVIDED FOR YOUR GUIDANCE ONLY.BECAUSE MANY FACTORS MAY AFFECTPROCESSING OR APPLICATION/USE,W E RECOMMEND THAT YOU MAKE TESTS TO DETERMINE THE SUITABILITY OFA PRODUCTFOR YOUR PARTICULAR PURPOSE PRIOR TO USE.NO W ARRANTIES OFANY KIND,EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED,INCLUDING W ARRANTIES OFMERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE,ARE MADE REGARDING PRODUCTS DESCRIBED OR DESIGNS,DATA OR INFORMATION SETFORTH,OR THATTHE PRODUCTS,DESIGNS,DATA OR INFORMATION MAY BE USED W ITHOUT INFRINGING THE INTELLECTUALPROPERTY RIGHTS OFOTHERS.IN NO CASE SHALLTHE DESCRIPTIONS,INFORMATION,DATA OR DESIGNS PROVIDED BE CONSIDERED A PARTOFOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS OFSALE.FURTHER,YOU EXPRESSLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THE DESCRIPTIONS,DESIGNS,DATA,AND INFORMATION FURNISHED BY BASFHEREUNDER ARE GIVEN GRATIS AND BASFASSUMES NO OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY FOR THE DESCRIPTION,DESIGNS, DATA AND INFORMATION GIVEN OR RESULTS OBTAINED,ALLSUCH BEING GIVEN AND ACCEPTED ATYOUR RISK. END OFDATA SHEET

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